It’s been a while…

So I haven’t posted on here in a little while mostly to be honest because I forgot I could. Thought I’d push a little post out  while I’m still thinking about this blog. So today was meant to be a day for me at least of bringing a newish friend group together before a group event and just hang out, ya know. Apparently not though, apparently parts of the group are hanging out all day before  yet none of the splinter cells want my company. I can’t decide if I’m just being jealous and lonely or if my anoyyed state is valid.

Which ever the case may be, today is now going to be a day for me and my pursuits. I need to stop myself from feeling so let down when people don’t want to be around me for what ever the reason. But it always makes me feel totally abandoned, which then plays on my depressive manners. I just need to remind myself that shit is worth my time and to keep on keeping on.

On the plus side I have started knitting , a very random if not amazing idea recently. It’s very fun and gives me a sense of accomplishment even if I am only knitting a small scarf for my cat as practise. I do plan on making myself some custom gloves or a scarf when I get the hang of it.

I am now going to leave you and start my personal day of fun and excitement, till next time….


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