Spooky Chaps with Orange Caps

So every year when the goblins run amok and witches have free reign, I find myself celebrating more then other times of the year. My partner loves this time of the year more then the children do. Personally I think I like the idea alot more then actually doing anything. Saying that every year we go on a lantern walk around our local park. The event is advertised for children , yet every year we turn up childless and with smiles across our faces. Noone has ever questioned us or said anything , maybe due to it being such a fun harmless event, or maybe because we look so strange that we give more to the atmosphere.

Whatever the reason each year we return and walk the small walk around the park’s winding paths. As you walk round there are various pumpkins to light the way (led candles of course for safety) , which the children take great joy in picking up each and every one. This year we where led by a man in a florescent jacket and what can only be described as a pumpkin hat with horns and a candle on top. The walk as every year was short but sweet, it’s such a wonderful view when we get half way around and look back to see the trail of small people with their lights of all shapes 

It did awaken a few feeling of parenthood for our self’s , with thoughts of what our child could be like at such an event, if we where ever to have one. Even though we don’t have a child of our own and are way to big to be begging for candy door to door, i still get my sweet thrill and fill every year. This year we went to a little local sweet shop and got exactly what we wanted we each. This was perfect as when we returned from the walk we watched kiss scary style movies and ate our favourite candy.

Overall this just makes me think of our future as a family and our future in general. But most of all, how much candy I have left and how excited I am as an adult about it!

Thank you for listening,it’s been good to talk to you again my friend


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