Cold Snaps of Happy and Sparks of Joy

I love this time of year, if only in part for  my partners and my love of fireworks and Halloween. It is around the time we met and it symbolises alot for us. We recently went to a local free fireworks display, and because it was free news soon spread across the city. My bus ride home from work was riddled with children and adults that look far to tired for any of these activities. As I got off at my stop and wandered home, the streets too where filled with family’s and young teens making their way to the display.

Luckily for me I only had a short distance to walk till I got home, where I found my partner and their friends smiling to greet me. After a short catch up we left for the display, late may I add, but apparently timming is not somthing the people doing the display cared for.Once we arrived and after having to run after my partner and catch up with them as they ran off into the darkness sqwarking with joy, the display began. Now I was expecting some crappy wet farts of fireworks, boy was I wrong. 

The display was actually one of the better ones iv been to, even having one fire work that changed colour between my and my partners favourite colours(it’s the small things).After the display , a hot pork roll and waiting in line for some candy floss for 20 minutes , we started the short walk home. Full, happy and a little bit closer to loosing all our teeth from to much candy floss. It’s the small events in life that shape us, don’t forget that.

Thank you for listening,it’s been good to talk to you again my friend.


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