Musing the amusing

 My day draws closer to an end and I feel better then before, more thoughtful but happier. As the last hour at work tics away I enjoy a cup of tea and lack of customers ,which if it had not been for the busy day we had I would normally worry. This job is new for me , the first time iv worked in around 6-7 years(full-time at least). Although I am tired there is a great sense of achievement with a day to day job, no matter how basic.

Working full time really has given me a better sense of self worth even thou I still feel the opposite at times. Even stranger for me is starting a blog, I have wanted to for more years then I care to rwmeber. But my dyslexia combined with self doubt and generally no faith in my ability stopped me. 

I am glad that i have started this blog though, as it is a nice release for the trapped thoughts no one really has time for day to day. I still have no idea where this will go but for now it’s going to be a place for me to blurt out my mind mess and anything I find interesting.

Thank you for listening,it’s been good to talk to you again my friend.


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